Best Time to Visit Valley of Flowers

Blanketed with snow almost throughout the year, nature’s paradise ‘Valley of Flowers’ can be accessed only in the monsoon season, precisely between the months of June-September. Usually, the route to the pious Sikh pilgrimage, Hemkund Sahib opens on June 1st every year and closes in the first week of October. To savour the resplendent views of the wooded valleys teaming with life, you must visit VOF in summer season as it is the time when the alpine flowers have just begun to bloom. The travellers must avoid visiting the Valley of Flowers in winter season as it remains wrapped under a thick layer of snow.

From warm summer days to chilly winter nights you can savour the vivid hues of weather if you are in the Valley of Flowers. So if you are planning to visit this world heritage site then don’t forget to check the weather and make sure you plan your trip accordingly.

Valley of Flowers Opening and Closing Dates

Valley of Flowers is opened to tourist from 1st June and closes on 4th October every year. You can visit valley of flowers during this period only. During June to October the entry to the national park starts at 7 :00 AM Morning and Closing time is 5:00 PM. Last entry to the park is till 2:00 PM. After 2 you will not be allowed to enter the park, so make sure that you reach there early morning .

Weather in Valley of Flowers

Summer (March-June) – This is not the most advisable time to visit the valley as the snow starts melting and the flowers don’t bloom at this time. June is also the busiest time of the season as the pilgrims of Hemkund Sahib flock here in huge numbers from across the globe. Finding accommodation in the lodges and Gurudwara can be a crucial task plus the rates are also hiked during the summer season. However, the perk of visiting VOF in off-season is that you can go for treks to the adjoining trekking hotspots.

Monsoon (July-September) – This is probably the best time to visit Valley of Flowers as the snow has completely melted away. The weather is also pleasant during these months and the flowers have also blossomed. Till mid-July, you will see many vibrant flowers blooming in the valley. There are around 650 varieties of flowers growing in the valley and the maximum number of flowers can be seen during mid-July to mid-August. September is the last month for visiting VOF as the plants start drying up and their seeds fall on the ground to rise up the next season. Slowly at the end of the month and in the next month snow starts falling and the valley becomes inaccessible. The last official trip to the Valley of Flowers can be taken in the last week of September.

Winter (October-February) – It is the least advisable time to visit VOF. Beginning from October, the winter season is the least advisable time to visit. The snow starts falling and the valley becomes biting cold. The weather does not support outdoor activities and the minimum temperature can go down to an average minimum about 7 ℃.