Rules and Regulations For Valley of Flowers

Celebrated for its lush meadows of endemic alpine flowers, the Valley of Flowers snuggled in the Bhundar Valley lures many globe-trotters to visit this opulent valley. If you are a nature addict who is left in awe of this place then you need to follow certain rules and regulations that are mentioned below:

Rules & Regulations of Valley of Flowers

  • Only 300 visitors per day are allowed to traverse inside the Valley of Flowers.
  • Before entering inside VOF, the tourists need to sign an undertaking stating that they will not harm the flora-fauna or litter inside the park.
  • The entire area has been declared as a plastic-free zone by High Court therefore, visitors have to deposit Rs 500 as security for carrying plastic water bottles inside the park, which will be returned at the time of leaving.
  • Camping is not allowed inside the Valley of Flowers and tourism is completely banned in the Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve.
  • Any person causing threat, damage or harm to the flowers and vegetation inside the National Park will be slapped with a fine of Rs 10,000.
  • For littering inside the park you’ll be charged with a fine of Rs 10,000.
  • Taking away of cuttings, seeds and roots are illegal in the Valley of Flowers. Do not destroy, trample, collect or remove any geological and plant & animal specimen whether living or dead.
  • Do not carry or introduce any alien seeds or propagation material of any exotic animal or pet.
  • Try to bond with nature by listening to the gurgling sound of Pushpawati river and the mellifluous calls of the playful Himalayan birds. Don’t disturb the peace by shouting or creating terror in the park boundaries.
  • Carry all the non-biodegradable waste like empty plastic bottles, tins, polythene etc and dispose them off in the dustbins.
  • Don’t go for any type of adventure activity like mountaineering, rock climbing, swimming and rafting on your own.