Valley of Flowers Mythology and Legends

The alpine beauty, Valley of Flowers snuggled in the Chamoli district has been linked with several Hindu mythologies and legends that are sung with great pride in Uttarakhand. One such legend tells that ‘Nandan Kanan’ the celestial magical garden of Indra, the ‘God of Rain’ is considered to be on Earth as Bhyundar valley or the ‘Valley of Flowers’. There’s another tale related to the valley’s origin which states that the Valley of Flowers was formed on earth after the Gods ushered flowers from heaven. Since then VOF became a meditational ground for several great sages who attained enlightenment here.

Myths and Legends about Valley of Flowers

The local legend related to Accharis ‘fairies’ and the ‘magical flowers’ of the valley : The inhabitants of Bhyandar Valley believe that ‘Achharis’ or fairies wander in the magical valley since time immemorial. Those who break their protocol by crossing the domain of are taken off by the Accharis. The locals believe that the alpine flowers of the valley possess magical powers which guard the wealthy valley against intruders. While some believe that the flowers have such an overpowering fragrance that one might faint on inhaling it.

Some Hindu scriptures states that Lord Hanuman collected ‘Sanjeevni buti’ from VOF : According to a famous Hindu legend, the Valley of Flowers is associated with ‘Gandhamadan’, a place from where Lord Hanuman collected the life-saving herb ‘Sanjeevni buti’ to revive Lakshmana, the younger brother of Lord Rama. While the epic Mahabharata mentions that the mighty Pandava brother Bhima brought a flower named Sougandhika Pushpa for his lovely consort Draupadi after annihilating the demons haunting the valley. It was here that Bhima met Lord Hanumana.