Localities in Nanda Devi Biosphere

A precious bounty of nature, the Nanda Devi Biosphere has several important localities housed within the kernels of this highly renowned biosphere reserve in Uttarakhand. Take a look to have an insight of the localities nestled inside the Nanda Devi Biosphere reserve.

Places To Visit Inside Nanda Devi Biosphere

Dwari Paira (3,200 metres): It is the entry to the park and is defined by lush birch trees curling up to form canopies.

Lower Nagtal (3,300 metres): It is characterized by dispersed birch forests and scarlet rhododendrons trees. One can also notice a high density of birch saplings holding the earth at gentle to moderate and sometimes rigid slopes.

Baman Dhaur (3,450 metres): The tourism zone opens up from here, offering the first view of the monumental valley. It is marked by old moraines and huge boulders. Varied plant species thrive here during the season. Before 1982, it served as a campsite to the shepherds.

Semar (3,500 metres): A uniform flat table land about 80-100 metres away from Baman Dhaur, carpeted by Cortia depressa and various essential herbs. Being a wetland it creates a soft ground.

Bistoli (3,500 metres): It is a central flat meadow with few boulders. The eastern part of this meandering meadow is outlined by deep gorges or moraines, running in the north-south direction.

Kundiliya Sain (3,600 metres): It is a stable and flat portion below Bistoli, having deep soil. It is the place where the memorial of Margaret Legge has been erected, visited by many tourists each year. It is strategically located in the central part of the valley along with Bistoli, Semar and Baman Dhaur.

Dunagair (3,500-3,650 metres): The area is marked with boulders fanning out from the northern slope. The lower Dunagairwas once the camping site of the shepherds, dominated by Polygonum chyum. While the upper portion of the Dunagair is saucer shaped.

Syunchand (3,600 metres): Filled with boulders carried by the glacial outwash, Syunchand is an unstable portion where the inflow of the boulders goes on.

Tipra Khark (3,600 metres): It is located close to the terminal moraines nearly 6 km from Baman Dhaur fringed by the undergrown birch forests. Unlike Syunchand, Tipra Khark is also unstable due to frequent avalanches.

Khuntkhal (3,700-4,500 metres): This is a higher valley located on the north western part of the park. An old trek leading to Hanuman Chatti near Badrinath passes through this area. One can see a small patch of birch and rhododendron forests on the steep slopes below Khuntkhal. The rich alpine meadows can be seen on the northern and western sides. The trekkers can reach here ascending from Baman Dhaur.