Trek Tips and Essentials Things to Carry

Valley of Flowers is one of the most beautiful destinations in Uttarakhand. Located at high altitude, you need to trek to reach there. So for trekking you need many essentials things to carry with you and also you need to keep in mind certain things. Here are some tips and essentials things to carry with you for trekking in Valley of Flowers.

Travel Tips For Valley of Flowers

  1. You need to hydrate two days before the trek. To cope up with dehydration, just increase your water intake to three times.
  2. Take essential clothing items like wind-cheater, raincoat, 3-4 pair of dry socks, caps and other protective gears to endure the harsh mountain weather.
  3. Wear the right kind of socks to facilitate blood circulation.
  4. Carry good quality backpack, having plastic or waterproof lining that will protect your stuff from getting drenched.
  5. To avoid blisters, you must wear double layers of socks- a thin nylon one first followed by a thick Turkish sock.
  6. Take sturdy waterproof shoes exclusively made for trekking to avoid frostbites. Choose a shoe that is half a number larger than your normal size so you may not get sore fingers and blisters at the end of the trek.
  7. Carry extra covers to store used or wet clothing items.
  8. Carry a durable and comfy sleeping bag.
  9. Keep your trekking gears and first aid kit handy.
  10. Carry torch, whistle and a Swiss knife.
  11. If you are carrying a camera or mobile phone then don’t forget to carry waterproof bags to keep them safe.
  12. It is advised to carry BSNL and Reliance mobile numbers as they have good connectivity and works perfectly in VOF region.
  13. Take you ID cards along as it needs to be produced in front of the officials to allow your access in VOF.
  14. Keep your pace with the entire group members. Try to get your natural rhythm of walking. Never walk too fast or too slow as it may lead to premature fatigue.
  15. For extra energy and prep carry chocolates, lozenges, candies, dry fruits and glucose.
  16. Although there are many natural streams flowing in the valley that offers fresh drinking water but if you don’t want to drink it, then you must carry enough water to last for a day.